Saturday, August 28, 2021

6 Sentence Story: The Train

 A story in six sentences in response to the prompt at Girl on the Edge, the Six Sentence Story Link Up

The prompt is "train." 

 Time reverses.

The steel wheels of the train’s engine screech and growl, and the passenger cars rumble clatter behind, smoother now, then sliding away on shining twin rails that lead away from the deserted platform where I stand. 

Like an arrow pulling away from my heart. 

The pain stops, and the whooshing noise leaves my ears. 

She is sitting in one of those cars, probably reading her book, still a stranger.

I stand on the deserted platform, waiting. 


GirlieOnTheEdge said...

Poignant Six, Roy. I can feel his longing.
Trains and train stations hold a certain mystique for me. I find them to be a bit romantic - trains pulling away, pulling in, people standing, waiting platforms - something airports don't evoke.

Now that you know my stance on trains vs airplanes....Welcome to Six Sentence Stories :)

Frank Hubeny said...

Nice sentence: "Like an arrow pulling away from my heart."

Roy said...

Thanks, Girl/edge, Frank.
I think it's a real challenge to write these things, as well as most flash fiction. It's like being given a glass and asked to fill it with the history of dairy farming. First, you realize, hey, I'll just fill it with milk! But then you want to set a cookie next to it. And there sits at the table this redheaded kid with freckles who, earlier that day, got into a fight at school. His mom stands by the stove with her back turned to him, but she's smiling. It's all very problematic.

Paula said...

Really good, Roy!

Roy said...

Thanks, Paula.