Saturday, January 14, 2017


Hip young people at the Apple Store, along with a few tragically old people.
It's the new Apple Store. They moved from a smaller location two blocks away that had a much smaller front. This is on a corner, actually, so the glass wall is sort of wrap-around. It's always been a little weird, walking into one of these places, but now it's really weird. It feels so alien inside that I felt myself acting differently, trying to fit into a new protocol that is somehow imposed by the architecture. Is this what it feels like to by young, now?

I feel so out of place, I will not go back in there, even though I do get an interest in a new laptop once in awhile. However, now you can buy Apple stuff in lots of different places. And, truth be told, the geniuses at Apple really aren't smarter than the clerks at Best Buy. And, more truth, you or I could spend half an hour in front of Google and easily leave all of them in the dust if we wanted to. You can tell when you ask them a question about a product and they grab the box and start reading the back real fast.

Even more truth, do you even want a Mac anymore?

Saturday, December 31, 2016

WWWW16: What Was Wrong With '16

Remember Disco?  Remember how it was around for awhile and then the grown-ups thought it was cool and started doing it and then it died? Why CAN'T THAT HAPPEN TO TWEETING!!??

Astronomical "events" that are not really events, but just juxtapositions of some sort that happen regularly, but no so often that we remember it, like "super moons" and various alignments, are not really events. A comet crashing into a planet would be an event, but a full moon that happened to occur when the moon was at one of its closest cycles to Earth is really not. Also, the fact that something is not going to happen again for 87 years does not make it important. If you think about it, something that happens every two hours or once a day, or whatever, is actually much more important to us. Because, duh. Like, hey, the sun is going to come up tomorrow!! Yay! This is important.

You know how when you think you're a nice person but you're rude to clerks in stores actually makes you an asshole, even though you don't really think you are?  Stupid misleading headlines designed to get your attention and click on something are actually part of the story, so if they are lies, then the article is untrue, and the publication should issue a retraction and an apology.

CNN crawl still riddled with grammatical and spelling errors.

I will give 2016 credit, though, for some things. For example, I think people have finally quit worrying about how many spaces other people leave after periods.


The tendency is to think there is a magic number--a magic date, some meaningful duration of time, as if there is a formula to which we may refer to gauge our progress. Not true, but when the round numbers like New Years roll around, we like to think so anyway. It's certainly been an abrupt, well-defined year for me, with no time for evolution or adaptation, as if I was simply tossed into 2016 with no real regard for how I might emerge from the sea of time and events on the other side.

Then again, if I may swim into a metaphor and walk out, like that little fish a billion years ago who thought he'd see what that other pond over there was like, you just put one foot in front of the other, careful not to look back for too long at a time, lest you start floundering.

So when I say "happy new year," it's with a bit more sincerity than usual. The dinosaurs are coming, but that's another story.

Friday, December 23, 2016

There are a few small things left to do at the house. I just couldn't get everything out of there. I moved a table out to the garage, where it now sits next to a ladder. But the inside of the house is completely bare and all cleaned up and shiny thanks to Taylor, the cleaning lady who did an absolutely awesome job.

The buyers did their walk-through last night. I assume they liked what they saw. The house is probably cleaner now than it's ever been. Back when we moved in, the person who had lived there did some cleaning, but it was still pretty bad. After we moved all our stuff in there, it became impossible to really clean everything like it needed.  Not impossible, but, you know, improbable.

I left there last night after stopping by to check that they turned out all the lights and didn't set the thermostat to 83 or anything. There was a moment when I was sad to leave--especially now that it is really really a very very nice house with everything all fixed and then all cleaned up--but the future has a stronger pull.

I had dinner at Cancun Fiesta Fresh, a Mexican restaurant in Westport. I believe "hole in the wall" is the phrase. It is possibly the most unassuming place I've ever eaten at. The food is pretty good, except often when they bring it out and it's not very hot. The people there are very nice. Not sure why they don't heat their plates up like every other Mexican restaurant.

I don't have a lot of energy to spare for ambition. I placed the stereo components where I think they should go, but I didn't hook anything up. I was going to get the TV set working, but I don't care enough about it to go through that procedure right now. Plus, I'm not sure I'll be able to find my new digital antenna.

Yesterday I discovered that my apartment doesn't have enough closets. It has one closet. I used to have all my clothes in three closets. Not that I wore all of them all the time. Seasonal. I need to figure out what to do. How do people live with one closet? I'm not even a snappy dresser. I'm a poor excuse for a dresser, as a matter of fact. I dress exactly like I did when I first got out of high school, back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Pretty much. I have no sense of fashion, and I am still wearing shirts that I've owned for decades. In some cases, I suppose, even I realize I need to do something here--I no longer wear extra-large, but now have to find larges that are cut slightly big. Extra larges kind of drape off of me. Even as I write this I'm not sure if that's OK. Like I said, I have no fashion sense whatsoever. Maybe I only deserve one closet.

That's about it. I woke up this morning kind of refreshed. Today I go to the title company and do my end of the paperwork for the house sale. Mentally, I am already quite out of there. I accomplished one of my goals of selling and leaving my house in good condition so as not to do to "my" buyers what my seller did to me and I still made a small profit, and my cats are adjusting nicely. I'm a lucky man, actually.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Wonders Never Cease

Canon color rendition
Here we are at last with a picture of the sunrise as seen from my bay window on the second floor of the brownstone. I guess that technically this is the pre-sunrise view. This picture was taken with my Canon 7D, a DSLR that is a few years old--not the best one you could buy--and which does the best job, in my opinion, of getting the colors right. Cameras are smart nowadays; you might say too smart. As with humans, in real life, being too smart sometimes causes you to miss what is really going on, as one gets wrapped up in trying to figure everything out rather than just letting it be what it is supposed to be. At any rate, when I look at this picture on my monitor, the colors look about like they looked to me when I saw them with my own eyes.

Meanwhile we all continue to adapt to the new digs. The cats may be doing a better job than I am. The sheer amount of crap that I have moved into this medium sized apartment is overwhelming, if not staggering.

This is what it is like to move around in my apartment. 
I spent many weeks getting rid of stuff, and I really thought I had it right. Over the next several months my project will be to continue to get rid of stuff, and I will have to keep at it if I am to reach my imaginary goal of being capable of moving cross-country by this time next year. I certainly don't want a repeat of this latest move.

Gotta go. Things to do.